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11, 2017

The wisdom of changing for the better

Eastern philosophy has given us many things to strive for in our lives and workplace like minimalism, self-awareness and meditation. But there’s one practice that’s been around for some time, but starting to grow traction in offices, and it has the power to improve so many little things. Kaizen, translated as, “continuous improvement,” or, “change […]


11, 2017

Effective New Trends in Training and Instructional Design

By Jeanette Rogers Interacting with your phone. Playing online games. Watching 2-minute videos. A casual observer might think you’re distracted but it might mean you’re actively learning new skills. The traditional training method with an instructor lecturing in front of participants for an hour or more has been on the decline for decades. And now, […]


10, 2017

Why Bing should be part of your marketing strategy

Does your company offer a product or service and have a marketing budget? Do you default to Google for all things online, including your advertising? If yes, you may be missing out on a huge market of customers by passing on Bing. According to BingAds.com, ‘Bing powers one third of U.S. desktop searches and 12 […]


10, 2017

InfoSec and the Great IoT Gold Rush

Author: Sean Rosenberger The IoT gold rush Generally seen as taking off in 2009, the presence of the Internet of Things (IoT) grew at a furious pace with approximately 10 billion devices on the Internet by 2012 and double that figure by 2017.  The extent to which our society relies on connected devices continues to […]


10, 2017

Mobilizing your point-of-sale

I was recently out making my annual purchase of new sneakers. When I found the right pair I gave a nod to the salesperson and he walked over with an iPhone in his hand. I told him my shoe size, he scanned a bar code on the shoe to check their inventory, went to the […]


09, 2017

5 Ways to Add Hours to Your Day

It’s the constant problem we all face in the workplace, and in life. How can we get it all done when our to-do lists never get shorter and time seems to move faster and faster? How can we make our workday more efficient and organized so we’re delivering results without burning out? You can grab […]


09, 2017

What everyone needs to know about the Equifax Breach

Author:  Nic Baus Everyone knows how precious your credit rating can be and how much it can swing you getting a loan for a house, car or even a simple retail credit card. There are three major credit reporting agencies that hold this control, Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. They have everyone’s personal information ranging from […]


09, 2017

What Happens When You Incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into a Cloud-Based Fuzz Testing Service?

By Todd Barnes For those of you that may know Springfield does not refer to the lovely locale in Illinois, Missouri or even Oregon for that matter. Springfield for my context refers to the code name for what is now Microsoft Security Risk Detection (MSRD) – a newly released Security as a Service offering. Springfield […]


09, 2017

The “things” to know in the Internet of Things

When MIT grad and innovator Kevin Ashton coined the now infamous term the, “Internet of Things” (IoT) in 1999, he probably sounded wildly crazy. Few people at the time were thinking about the potential of the Internet to reach beyond Y2K and our clunky desktops to become something connecting the entire world and everything we […]


08, 2017

Can Training Be Fun and Effective? Storyline Can Help

As an Instructional Designer for 12+ years, I have used a number of tools to build both classroom and online courseware. Some have been extremely difficult to learn and others haven’t had the functionality I needed to build an effective product. That all ended last year when I joined a team that required us to […]